Avidemux Installation

:confused:Just wondering how to install the program Avidemux in OpenSUSE 11. I had it running on 10.3.

When I download the source it is saying to use a cmake command… and I get nowhere…

Any help??

install from Packman repo

you should have that in your repo’s?!

Further to caf4926’s recommendation, I recommend you install from Packman web site avidemux-2.4.3-0 and also either avidemux-gtk-2.4.3-0 or avidemux-qt-2.4.3-0. PackMan :: Package details for avidemux

In order to make the installation of avidemux (and most all other software easier, you should setup your repos (again per caf4926’s recommendation)). There is guidance how to do that here:
Repositories/11.0 - openSUSE-Community