AutoYAST: Xorg VESA Driver

Hello Kind People :slight_smile:

I work in a test lab and we use openSUSE AutoYAST automated installations on a regular basis on a pretty wide (and constantly changing) range of configurations.

I’m trying to figure out how to get openSUSE 11.1 to avoid using the specific Xorg server for the detected video card, but rather simply use the generic VESA server… I can’t seem to find the right element for the AutoYAST XML. We don’t do a whole lot of video stuff, but the current versions of the RADEON server are pretty broken, which causes trouble for us.

On that note, while I’m asking about AutoYAST, does anyone have a link to some comprehensive documentation for the AutoYAST XML structure… Like all the available options? Everything I turn up via search is atleast 3 or 4 years old…

Cheers :slight_smile: