AutoYast Problems...

I’m having a bit of a problem with autoyast. I did clone/copy the setup from the initial machine, then I added the autoyast.xml file to the install media and tried to install using this image. I have done this on a couple of system but it always ends up with the following error message:

device ‘/dev/tmpfs’ not found by storage backend.

Anyone knows what that means? I’ve gotten this on two different installs, the picture one is of a VM that I am creating.

I’ve been getting the same error.

I’m using an autoyast file to install onto a Xen hypervisor. The virtual machine (domU) is given a logical volume to play with.

I’d be very happy to provide any other details that might be useful if someone is willing to help.

bloodwire: If you are installing on a baremetal box there might be some clues in some of the other consoles (ctrl-alt-F2 through ctrl-alt-F8)