AutoYast network config - Ask info not retained

I’m trying to semi-automate the build of several Xen VMs using autoyast image files. The goal is to automate everything except for the hostname and ipaddr, which will be passed from an <ask-list> so I can use one xml file for all installations.

Xen server is running SLES 10 sp2, VMs will be running openSuSE 10.3 or 11.1 (whichever I can make work and appears stable). I have combed the forums and tried multiple xml variations. Here are the most recent variations I have tried:

<ask-list config:type=“list”>
<pathlist config:type=“list”>
<title>New Server Name</title>
<question>Enter the server name:</question>
<pathlist config:type=“list”>
<title>New Server IP address</title>
<question>Enter the server IP address:</question>


<interfaces config:type=“list”>
<dhcp_hostname config:type=“boolean”>false</dhcp_hostname>
<dhcp_resolv config:type=“boolean”>true</dhcp_resolv>
<nameservers config:type=“list”>
<managed config:type=“boolean”>false</managed>
<ip_forward config:type=“boolean”>false</ip_forward>
<routes config:type=“list”>

I have tried using both <stage>initial</stage> and <stage>cont</stage>, with ‘initial’ being my preference. In both cases I get prompted at the appropriate time during the installation and I see that eth0 has been assigned the correct address right up until the end when I get to the first login prompt.

I can’t find the <element>value</element> syntax documented anywhere other than a couple of threads where it appears to resolve other users’ problems. Since I’ve added it I get the literal word ‘value’ in the ipaddr for eth0, prior to that I was getting nothing.

Thanks in advance, Paul

Well… 40 some-odd views and no replies, so in case anyone is interested…

My XML worked installing openSuSE 11.1, but it wouldn’t work properly with 10.3. I haven’t had time to really pinpoint the problem, but I suspect <pathlist> was failing even though I thought I read that it was the non-deprecated syntax for both of these versions of the OS. I hope this saves someone some time and frustration.