Autoyast ftp installation -- 11.0

What has changed from 10.3 to 11.0 that would create such headaches. The old way, setup a reference file, put in the packages, put in the basic information, delete anything that you want the system to automatically find. The New 11.0 way … begin install, on reboot the machine hangs, is completely jacked up and is not installed correctly. Most of the issue seems to focus on network after the initial reboot, but even using information from the old working 10.2 and 10.3 autoyast.xml files, one still cannot get a working copy of 11.0 on ANY type of system. has autoyast been broken so badly that it is a bad idea to use it any longer?

OK, after my rant, and some more work I believe I have narrowed the issue down to a bit more manageable problem. As this is a pure network installation it seems that the network is dropping during the installation. Most notably, after the machine reboots to configure networks, it seems that it does not load or it turns off networking prior to loading all of the bits it needs to allow for a configuration.

I have found that if I ctrl-alt-F3, it will give me a term, I ifconfig eth0 down and back up, and the network returns and I hit retry in F7 and it runs again.

A couple of issues here. I had read that as one of the ‘new’ improved YAST functions was that stage two came BEFORE the reboot during an install. Funny, this happened after the reboot (in stage 2) … so not sure what is going on there.

Another issue. I am creating autoyast files to use for further installs, but SAX2 and several other needed programs are not being installed, even though I have X11 installing. Does SAX2 only install if you install Compiz?

More information on this. It seems that autoyast is broken in regards to running an installation over the network. After the installation is complete, it drops to terminal, configures the xserver, then for some odd reason drops the network connection then does not bring it back online. If I go into a terminal, ifconfig does nt show eth0 as active. so I must open yast, manually put in the dns server address, then being the NIC back online.

Why is this happening? Why does DURING INSTALL, yast decide to drop the NIC connection? is there some hand off between the yast installation network service, and the installed network service?

Whichever it is, Houston, we have a problem!!!

any ideas?