Autostart in Kde4

I recently upgraded to openSUSE 11.0 with KDE 4.1 and it works well, in general.
However, I’m puzzled by how certain apps seem to autostart without me having done anything (that I’m aware of).
So, when I boot into openSUSE 11.0, Yakuake, Fusion-Icon and AWN (avant-window-navigator) all start up.
Indeed, two instances of AWN autostart and I always have to shut down one.
Now in Gnome (for example in Ubuntu), I must include all of these apps in my Start-Up Sessions list as otherwise they will not autostart.
I have looked in both ~/.kde4/Autostart and ~/.kde4/share/autostart and these folders are empty.
The directory /usr/share/autostart contains only some .desktop files.

Can anybody help me understand how apps autostart in KDE 4.1?

I have this problem too with about 6 instances of Kate launching at startup.

I found the ~/.kde4/share/config/session folders with several Kate sessionfiles in it and deleted them. But it seems that they will be recreated on the next startup.

Any hints so far?

You’ve got to kill the processes as well.

If you’ve got many kate and/or konsole sessions turning up every time you log into kde4.1 it’s because the instances are still running even when you close them.

I don’t know if its a bug or a feature.

It’d be nice to have some kind of management console to choose which ones live on and which ones die.

Oh, well, maybe in 4.2 !?!?