autostart in KDE is flipping ?? Need advice from specialists


I have some stuff loading when KDE 4.2 starts. Everything loads correctly but one item, that is cairo-dock, is also autoloading when KDE 4.2 starts.

I checked the KDE Autostart option in the Configure Destop tool and cairo-dock shows up one time in the list and is checked and enabled.

But when I start KDE it loads most of the time twice, sometimes it can load up to four processes, making me have 4 docks over each other on the desktop.

In gnome I don’t have this issue ?

How do I deal with that ? Making it load only once ?


Maybe an extra note, I saw that the autostart is done from the .config folder inside the homedir. Same for Gnome.
When I disable cairo-dock autostart in KDE it still loads in KDE but only once, which is correct, but then it no longer loads when I start Gnome.
When I activate cairo dock in either KDE Autostart or Gnome Startup Application it loads once and fine in Gnome but at least two times in KDE.


What about](

Do you have “Restore previous session” set ?

No, I configured KDE not to save the session but let me save the session manually whenever I want.
But I never saved the session after cairo-dock was launched.

I activated the autostart in gnome and it was automatically started in KDE as well when I did.
But in Gnome it only starts once, in KDE always twice.

If I add it to the KDE Autostart myself, then it starts twice in KDE as well and still only once in Gnome.

If I remove it completely from KDE Autostart then it no longer starts in Gnome but still starts in KDE, but only once.

If I add it again, the same issue comes back.

So my guess is that it is started from two different locations, but I can’t find from where. I checked all known autostart locations but they are all empty and the once that are filled don’t contain cairo-dock as startup item.

So you see, or I don’t start it automatically or I have to close one process manually each time I log in to KDE :’(