Autostart gnome's NetworkManager instead of KDE's


I have just started using OpenSuse, version 11.2, with KDE. knetworkmanager is incapable to connect via my 3G modem (huawei e220), but I can do it with nm-applet (gnome’s version of Network Manager). I can kill knetworkmanager and start nm-applet with the console, but I have to do it every time I start KDE.

How can I configure to autostart nm-applet (gnome’s NetworkManager) instead of knetworkmanager (KDE’s NetworkManager)?

Again: I am using the current beta of version 11.2, with KDE.

Thank you.

The ~/.kde4/Autostart directory is where you can add links to programs to autostart. (I have a link to knetworkmanager included here, so that the kde3 version autostarts).

Thank you. The point is that my directory ~/.kde4/Autostart is empty, so the order of autostarting knetworkmanager must be elsewhere (and I guess this must be specific of Suse).

Autostart section in KDE4’s control centre is empty as well.

I also have configured KDE4 to save the session. But still, I get knetworkmanager, and not nm-applet, every time I start KDE.

Any idea? Thank you very much in advance.

Have a look in ~/.kde4/share/config/ for knetworkmanagerrc. Many KDE programs can be configured to start from there AFAIU.


I know it’s not what you asked, but another solution would be to use ‘kinternet’ for the mobile broadband. I was recommended it when I couldn’t use my mobile broadband with network manager.



I just switched to KDE 4.3 with OpenSUSE 11.1 and network manager manages to connect using my mobile broadband now; so I’m assuming it would be fine in 11.2 KDE 4.3 too.