Autostart Chromium in Kiosk mode

I’m new to Linux and openSuse Studio, my background is in web development. I’m trying to build a openSuse JeOS (13.1-64bit) that will open a chromium web browser in Kiosk mode after it boots. I have already created an appliance in openSuse Studio that has chromium, xorg, Network Manager, and a few other softwares. I have a user “kiosk” that is set to auto login, but when I’m in the desktop configuration it ask for an autostart command. I have searched but have not found and example of how to autostart Chromium in Kiosk mode. Can someone help me with this? and if I need any other software packets let me know.


Which desktop?

You will need some desk top to be running to run chromium.

It depends on the desk top but I think most use a autostart folder where you would place a shortcut or script which will autorun at start. Details are desktop dependent.

I thought I could go without a desktop??? If I need one, the simplest desktop. This will be a dummy kiosk pc with no keyboard or mouse, but a touchscreen monitor that points to a website. Similar to an advertising Kiosk. The server side is written in Google Dart. So the browser needs to be Chrome because it will have the Dartium VM embedded soon. Software is for educational purposes.

I doubt you can do it without a desktop of some sort.DE’s handle events and such and you need a window manager at least