Hi I have just changed from Gnome to KDE and I prefer it in many ways however i am still trying to figure out a few things and the latest is when i insert cd/dvd i do not get any prompt to ask me to autorun or which application I want to associate with it, as it does in Gnome, (or windows for that matter), how do I set this.

Thanks for the help


Do you have the device notifier widget activated ?

yes i think so, is that part of the system tray, but how do I set the default and how do i activate “autorun”


It’s been a long time since I used KDE… I think it is there by default. Don’t remember how to activate it.

The way it works for me, is a little window pops up near the bottom right of the screen. I can select actions there.

If I wait too long and the window disappears, then I need only click on the device notifier icon in the tray to bring it up again.