Automounting Shared Folders.

I am running openSUSE 11.4 beta in VirtualBox 4.0.4 and was wondering how I get shared folders to automount. I don’t see the vboxsf group listed which I normally do with other distros. what do I need to do to get it to work?

thanks ahead of time.

If you have installed the VBox guest additions in the VM, you should be able to create an entry in your /etc/fstab to mount the share folder at boot. Perhaps you already tried this and it didn’t work. If that is the case, what happens when you try to manually mount it?

Here are some other tips that may be handy on mounting shared folders:

joe@box:~$ sudo mount -t vboxsf shareFolder /home/joe/share/

Permissions for share folders:

On the host (serving the share): ensure the user who runs VirtualBox owns, and has RW permissions, on the folder being shared. Really, make sure.

In the virtual machine, create a mount point which is owned by the user who will access it.

In the virtual machine, you may be able to write as root, but not as a normal user. If you get a permission denied as a normal user, try mounting with explicitly stated uid and gid, such as:

$sudo mount -t vboxfs -o uid=xxx,gid=yyy,rw shareName /mountPoint

thanks. I was actually talking about the ‘automount’ feature in VirtualBox since 4.0 but if I can’t get that to work I will just mount it normally.

I tried adding “mount -t vboxsf Media /home/louis/Multimedia/” to /etc/fstab and basically nothing happened. I also tried adding “mount -t vboxsf Media /mnt/Media” and nothing happened. The first command does work fine in a terminal so not sure what the problem is.

You have not told us:
What host OS
What guest OS (ther is no 11.4 beta)
What VirtualBox version, is it from Oracle or the openSuSE repositories?
What VBox components you have installed

Without this it is difficult for anyone to know whether they have a similar set-up and can perhaps try to help you.

I’m sorry. I thought I marked this as solved.
the host is OSX 10.6.6
the guest is openSUSE 11.4 RC 2
VirtualBox 4.0.4
the VBox 4.0.4 components that were pre-installed after I installed it and updated it once.

what I had to do was create a rclocal file in /etc/init.d that had the mount command in it.

I never did get the VBox Automount feature to work. But the way I did it works fine.

btw technically it was openSUSE 11.4 RC2 Gnome from the live CD