Automount USB to static mount point - how?

Need a bit of help if you have some of your time to spare,

Can anyone please tell me how to get openSUSE 11.2 to automount a USB drive (Creative Zen to be precise) to a static mount point?

At the moment KDE is filling up my media folder with disc-x folders and the podcatching software keeps picking the wrong one to sync to. It’s not my PC so command-line mounting is out of the question.

Thanks in advance.

Try giving your drive a label /media/Label ex. Is what I used for mine: /media/TuxDrive instead of /media/disk-# had the same issue when networking an external drive.

You need to label the device, then it will mount
under /media/<label_name> depends on the device format as to which
label command to use.

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