Automount USB drive has stopped

After I updated my system 11/3, I am no longer able to automount my USB stick for mobile files that I port to and fro.

Is this a known issue? Something stupid by the end user? How can I fix it?

This not very clear. Well you don’t say what ver. of SUSE you are using (11/3???)

We assume the usb device is FAT? or not?

Should just plug and play

Are you gnome or kde/3/4?

Sorry about being unclear.

Before I updated my system, USB was plug and play. An icon appeared in my system tray notifying me that there was updates. After updating(on Monday, 11/3) my laptop no longer recognized the usb stick.

I run opensuse 11 with a gnome window environment. The usb is FAT.

with the device plugged in
go to /media in your folder tree

is it in there?

Look at this thread:
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I have the same problem with my hardware and new kernel,