Automount Samba share for different users


I have Opensuse 11.0 (I know - old). I have set up a FreeBSD server with samba share. We have a very strong workstation where users are running different software. I would like to auto mount to the samba share from the workstation for all users i.e. they should always have access to the mount with their own specific rights. They have their own accounts on the workstation and they will be logged on simultaneously. Any suggestions?

Best regards Magnusl

Adding a comment:
If one user mount the samba share to, for example, /mnt/storage, is it then possible for another user, who logs in a little bit later on the same machine, while the first user is still logged on, to mount the same share to the same mount point (/mnt/storage) with other credentials without affecting the other user?

Best regards Magnus