Automatic update not working in 11.2

I enabled Automatic Online Updates in opensuse 11.2, and set the frequency to “Daily”, but after 24 hours I haven’t seen an update. It may be because I had YaST still running and maybe the installed software database was locked.

At any rate, how can I verify that Automatic Online Updates are scheduled? Does it run from cron?

It will tell you when there are any updates. You can check from a su terminal with:

zypper lu

I definitely see an update ready to be installed for “dropbox” from the Build Service. How can I tell if an automatic update is scheduled?

I don’t use the updater applet but I guess, if you right click the applet icon in the sys tray and go to configure, you will be able to set it in there.

Or open a su terminal and just do

zypper up

Automatic Updater does not by default install all packages but only the important security updates from the Update repository.

If you want it to show all updates you should install the zypp backend for it, enable it (you have to restart the updater applet for it to show the zypp backend if you install it while it’s running) and choose to show all updates rather than just critical security ones.