Automatic update hangs my computer

Hi I am very new to linux,
I have managed to install SUSE 11.1 linux on an old ACER laptop. Everything works great unless I use the automatic install update tool. As soon as I do this the computer refuses to boot, it just gets stuck even on safe boot. What is going on ?

If you press Esc during the boot process you will loose the graphical boot and see verbose text, see if you can spot the error or place it has issue at.

I never use the updater anyway, on any of my computers. Just run online update once a week and you’ll be fine.

Um gets stuck on setting system time line says something about setting alarms to Y3. I got fed up so I decided to stick 11.2 on my laptop instead as I had this from the cover of linux format.

A bit annoying though as I had mangaged to configure MySql, apache, and an FTP server on this machine.

Back To Square One!

So you can’t live without the updater ?