Automatic unlock keyring for NetworkManager Applet at log-on

Can someone help me to configure my default keyring? Every time at login I’m asked to enter the password for default keyring.

Unlock Keyring
Enter password for default keyring to unlock
The application ‘NetworkManager Applet’ (/usr/bin/nm-applet) wants access to the default keyring, but it is locked.

Unless this keyring is unlocked I can’t establish wireless connection.

My questions:
Is there a way to have this key unlocked automatically at log-on? And how can it be done?
Also, where can I find more information/documentation on how to configure keyring’s?

So far I have discovered that seahorse application can be used for managing the keyring’s and passwords. I do not dare to change something in there. Can someone show me the way?

The following keys have been stored in my seahorse 2.22.1 - Encryption Key Manager :

My Personal Keys
< empty >
Trusted Keys
< empty >
Other Collected Keys
• (key icon) SuSE Package Signing Key
• (lock icon) Network secret for SpeedTouchB11133/802-11-wireless-security/wep-key0
• (network icon) pop://
• (network icon) pop://

When I open the properties of my Network Key the following information is in there:

Network Key
• Description: Network secret for SpeedTouchB11133/802-11-wireless-security/wep-key0
• Use: Saved password or login
• Type: Password
• Password: (contains my wep key)
• identifier: 1
• connection-id: 3
• setting-name: 802-11-wireless-security
• setting-key: wep-key0
• seahorse
• nm-connection-editor
• NetworkManager Applet
• Path: /usr/bin/nm-applet
• Permissions: (y)Read (y)Wrtie (y)Delete

When I open the properties of my E-Mail Key the following information is in there:

E-Mail Key
Description: pop://
• Use: Access a network share or resource
• Type: Network Credentials
• Server:
• Login:
• Password: (contains my e-mail password)
• identifier: 2
• application: Evolution
• user:
• server:
• seahorse
• evolution
• Path: /usr/bin/evolution
• Permissions: (y)Read (y)Wrtie (y)Delete

I believe that somehow I should be able to make another entry in my Encryption Key Manager which unlocks Network secret for SpeedTouchB11133/802-11-wireless-security/wep-key0 at log-on.

My e-mail keys are accessed automatically by evolution. I suppose it has to do something that they are not locked in the Key Manager.
Maybe it will help if I remove the lock from my Network Key. However, I could not find how!
Does anyone know what will happen if I delete my Network Key entry? Will I be asked to make another one when accessing wireless?

Its sad that such a well written post has no response. I have same issue so back to google!

That post is from 3 years ago, so I’m not sure what version.

I answered a similar question recently. Check here:
11.4 gnome not auto-unlocking default keyring

I’m not sure what version you are running either, but if it is at all recent, then the response I gave will probably work for you.