automatic reboot after startup...

since opensuse 11.00 (with 10.3 no problem) my acer 4050, is rebooting after start up.

Kde is starting (i can see the mouse cursor / X) then the notebook reboots.

Same in failsafe mode.
I think its a xwin config failure, what i can do against?

Graphic is a Intel Mobile 852/855 GM

friendly regards

Btw: I use KDE 4

Found it, it was KDE 4, with 3.5 or Gnome no problems anymore.

KDE4 is still basically a development version, and is still maturing.

If you want, to help with problem solving on KDE4, you can send a bug report on Novell BugZilla.

Otherwise, glad to here you fixed it. :slight_smile:

hmm…was my fault, i wrote faster then i should :wink:

do you know the boot option for boot console only, so that i can read the logs.

When you get to the boot screen, press 3 on your keyboard to make the boot option: 3.

This is the same as the command sudo init 3.

That will boot you into the CLI (black screen with white text).