Automatic login failed But still can login after disabled auto-login(KDE)

Newly installed Tumbleweed, everything goes well before I tried to enable my fingerprint sensor.
Then I installed fprintd , fprint_pam and libfprint, after which I performed a reboot and stucked before (or while) KDE starts.

Then I login with tty1, and find that X server has started and there’s also systemd and (sd-pam) process.

I guess there may be something wrong with pam so I disabled automatic login.
And it worked so I can login into KDE without any problem.

But once I enable the autologin, I will get stuck at login stage.
Could you help me to find out what’s going wrong here?

I’m pretty sure that you have enabled conflicting login policies.

How can you have your fingerprint login enabled while also enabling auto login?
I’m pretty sure you have to disable the fingerprint login before auto-login can work.

If you want, you can submit a bug to
I can envision the fingerprint login module is completely separate from the main login module so they may not be completely integrated to consider all possible outcomes. If it’s deemed important enough, maybe this scenario will be fixed so for example “latest change” might always invalidate a prior configuration including the fingerprint login.


thx for your reply.
But I still doubt that there’s something to do with pam because the login process stopped at (sd-pam).

And I’m sure that the fprint stuff has changed my pam config, but I checked the pam config files that there are no items related to fprint except some modules listed by pam-config which I dont know how to remove, but it seems that they dont appear in the config files in /etc/pam.d.
And as I have uninstalled the fprint libs , those modules in pam are not available any more.

Can you tell me how OpenSuse deal with auto-login so I can try to find out the cause myself?