automatic log-off after period of disuse?

can somebody answer my noob question? How do i configure my KDE in openSuse11.3 so that the user is automatically logged out if no ones on the machine for a certain period of time?

Thx in advance for help!!

I am not sure it is possible to to do this on KDE, but maybe a soft like Sentinellacan do the trick. :slight_smile:

There’s a different solution for that:
We simply lock the screen, the login manager will ask for a password to get it going again.

See Systemsettings - Monitor - Screensaver
If you don’t want a screen saver, pick the Blank Screen., set it to lock the screen, done.

This way you won’t have to relogin, yet have the need for the password to use the desktop.

Super, thanx a ton for the speedy reply rotfl! mike