Automatic log in without name or password

An install on a new compute was working as I wanted. But yesterday I noticed that after a boot it did not ask for user name and password but logged me in without giving question. While this is convenient in many ways but it is a security hole.
How can I get the previous behaviour back?

Running fvwm as window manager
Otherwise no desktop metaphor

@jpff check /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager:DISPLAYMANAGER_AUTOLOGIN=username

Was that only noticing something that happened all the time, or was it noticing that it was different then before.

In the first case you probably checked (or forgot to uncheck) that during installation.

In the second case you should think over what changed between the two times the user logged in.

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52	## Type:        yesno
53	## Default:     no
54	#
55	# Allow all users to login without password, but ask for the user, if
57	#
60	## Type:        yesno
61	## Default:     no
62	#
63	# Display a combobox for Active Directory domains.
64	#

To require password do we need change to **DISPLAYMANAGER_AUTOLOGIN= No ** ?

Also does line 58 DISPLAY MANAGER require change also ?


@paulparker just remove the auto login name and it will ask for the password. The no means require a password.


Thanks, now regard that Resolved :slight_smile:

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Tha you. That explains it except why it changed after I inserted a additional disk.

I leant about things I had wonder about.