Autoload USB WiFi adapter

I’ve got a PC that I’m trying to use a USB wireless adapter for my network access. OpenSuse 12.3 correctly identifies and uses the adapter, but each and every time that I want to use it I need to open a terminal, elevate to root and use ifup wlan0. In the past this is something that would happen automatically, and considering that the USB is attached to the back of the PC which is under a desk the dongle is something that will not get removed so it isn’t like I’m plugging it an and taking it out, it is permanently connected. Is there a way to make the system just automate the connection to this wireless device or am I stuck having to either manually or add a script to “ifup wlan0” every time that I turn the system on? Thanks.

In openSUSE one normaly uses YaST for system management tasks.

Did you try to use YaST > Network Devices > Network Settings?