Autocompletion in Kate?

I’d like to know if there is an option to enable language-based autocompletion within Kate, like many other text editors do.

As an example, when coding CSS files with another editor (Atom), if I start typing “padd…”, a little dropdown menu pops up with all the possible options, like “padding”, “padding-top”, “padding-right”, and so on.

In Kate, I am not able to enable this feature (or to tell if it can be enabled at all), for what I can see autocompletion only works for words that were already typed in the open document, which is way less useful.

Does Kate supports this feature, natively, with some plugin, or in some other way?

Kate does do autocompletion for strings/commands that are already in the open file somewhere. And it has the Ctrl+Space shortcut to autocomplete commands. Never tried the latter though. And mind, AFAIK it “looks” at the file’s extension.

This was interesting enough for me to take a few minutes to look at…

Besides what Knurpht describes which is detailed in the KDE documentation at the following

It looks like Kate supports more extensive autocompletion but only for developing code, primarily Python (There are some Kate plugins), and possibly C++ and Javascript.

Doesn’t look like anyone has built the kind of auto-completion you normally see in other apps, where commonly used words are stored in a dictionary file (or similar, like a cookie, tmp file or db) for future lookups in different documents, possibly identifiable fields. Would seem to me that this would be simple to create for something like “top 1000 words,” but might require some insight and thought to do well which might involve some kind of special storage and/or indexing.


For some languages, you need to enable the relevant plugin; for all languages, you need to turn auto-completion on in Settings>Editing.

Thanks for the replies.

It seem that Kate does not work like I expected. I’ll try some alternatives.