Auto-unmount problem.

Removable devices are automatically unmounted after some time. Any ideas?

I’m using openSUSE 11.1 64bit with Kde 4.3.1.

i read somewhere that some hard drives automatically power themselves
down after some period of inactivity (which would, i guess force an

i’d guess with the move to green up IT that there are other externally
mountable devices which will do the same…

you might find out if that is your situation by googling on the
make/exact model number of the ‘device’ (be it hard drive, or other)

i don’t know how to stop that unless you run a cron to hit the drive
every xx minutes…

oh, hey: maybe it is being unmounted because your openSUSE is set to
power them down after xx minutes of inactivity…check your power
saving settings…(i don’t know what that app is named in KDE4.3, maybe
KPowersave, living in the ‘task bar’ behind an icon which looks like a
power plug…


The cause of the problem is Google Chrome for Linux: when I launch it, all removable devices attached to my pc are unmounted after 10-11 seconds. Really strange…:sarcastic:

sounds like something ought to be said to the Chrome developers, huh?


That’s strange indeed. We’re discussing your report here:

unmount bug - Chromium-dev | Google Groups

Which version of Suse, which version of Chrome,
and which CPU do you have?
And can you get the problem to happen while logging
chrome’s sytem calls like this:
strace -o log.txt -f google-chrome
and then quit chrome, compress log.txt, and send it to us?
(e.g. to

(Funny bug story: I once fixed a bug in chrome that caused
it to log the user out. Turned out to be it was trying
to kill a subprocess, but passed -1 to kill instead.