Auto switch resolutions when playing a video file

I am using 13.1 as an HTPC, but also as a regular PC, with all use being done while seated on my couch.

When I’m using it as a regular PC I have it set for 720p resolution as that makes things a nice size for viewing from the couch.

I use VLC player, and sometimes Kaffeine, to watch movies that are 1080p resolution. Unfortunately, the resolution won’t change to 1080p automatically so if I don’t do that manually using the AMD CCC then it arrives at my receiver as 720p and gets upscaled from there to 1080p.

I would like to know if, or how, I can configure things so that the resolution will automatically change to 1080p when I am playing a movie at that resolution. I also have some video files that are 720p so I would like the resolution to stay at 720p for those.

Perhaps the approach would be to set CCC to 1080p and use a setting in KDE to display at 720p? I don’t know if there is such a setting but I’m just guessing.

I am running a Radeon 7800 series card with both video and audio carried on the HDMI cable to my receiver. I have managed to get DTS 5.1 audio over the HDMI cable and I can also get 1080p video, but my problem is as stated above.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I’d say the best you can do is start your player with a script and have the script change the res.

You could use xrandr in the script to set the res and set it back when the player quits.

I don’t think there is any magic setting to do this autmagically