Auto-sized gnome panel only unhides on the left corner

Hi! I’ve been a Debian (and Ubuntu) user for a long time, but after some fights with her, I decided to break up (:P). Well, that’s not interesting…

The problem is a little “dumb” but I can’t find a way to solve it. Normally I use to auto-hide the top panel, and when I need to see something from there I just move the mouse to any part of the screen and the panel appears. That’s the “normal” behavior on debian-based-distros and the way I expect it to work, but it doesn’t.

The only way to make it appear is to move the mouse over the top left screen. I don’t like it because I use the top panel with many stuff and it makes me move the mouse over the top left and then slide it within the top to the desired icon.

I don’t know if I explained myself (I hope so…).

Hope you can help me, or at least, guide me :smiley: