Auto installation errors with custom autoyast profile

I’m a new intern at University of Pennsylvania and I have been assigned the task of creating an autoyast file for a minimal server install to deploy what will be our future operating system from Open SUSE 12.3 to Open SuSE 13.1. I have already created the autoyast profile needed to do this, and I have placed that file onto a flash drive to be retrieved during auto installation. However, each time I add the boot parameter ‘autoyast=usb://autoyast.xml’ a popup appears that reads: `Calling the YaST module inst_auto init has failed more information could be found near the end of the ‘/var/log/YaST2/y2log’ file. Than it gives me four options that are Next, Quit, Back, and Retry. Of course, I hit Next. When I hit next the installation goes and loads the language and configures the time. But, when I get to the installation Settings screen Under Partitioning in Red Text it reads: Nothing assigned as root file system! Installation will most certainly fail! And, under Booting it reads in red: It was not possible to determine the exact order of disks for device map. The order of disks can be changed in “Boot Loader installation Details”. As I can see the Default run level is three instead of 5 of which is what I set it for in my custom autoyast file. So, I think it may be because my autoyast file may have not even been read in the advanced boot options. Does anyone have any idea of how I can help solve this issue that I have? Thanks, sorry I am new at this.