Auto hide Taskbar

Auto hiding of task bar is broken with new updates to KDE , 4.2.(3) 88 . When set to auto hide task bar will hide only to not reappear unless you do repeated attempts to active the reappearance .
Worked before update , use the feature all the time .

Thanks for any help .

Never mind , DLed the latest repo of QT and working again .

I am having that problem in KDE 4.3, and it is very annoying, but I am new to KDE so have no idea what to expect … I am glad someone else found it to be a problem …is there a fix??

OK I am trying what the above post said,

Upgrading my QT, whatever that is???

So I found a new repo called QT, and it warned me it wasn’t necessary, but what the heck if it’s not broke FIX it!!

I then went to see what packages were installed that could be upgraded to that repository and a lot of revisions later, I have a lot of NEW stuff in my computer, 200mb downloaded… and!!

It WORKS Yahooo,

now could someone tell me if I did anything bad and was just lucky, or tell me what I actually DID DO!!!???