Auto hide KDE panel from a script

I’m having an issue with the kde panel remaining visible on the screen when I go into fullscreen mode with veetle and the screensaver coming on during a video. In order to fix this, I wanted to make a script that hides the panel, starts the browser, and turn off the screensaver.

I figured out how to turn off the screensaver but I’m stuck on how to hide the panel. Anyone know how to do it?


If your menu and such are still on the bottom of the screen, go to the bottom far right and select the icon that turns on in presence of your mouse and select it. Another panel shows up and on the far right which says more More Settings. Pick More Settings and then select Auto-hide. Unless your mouse is at the bottom of the screen, the whole panel will disappear and all applications will work full screen.

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That’s exactly what I want to do but I want to do it from a script. I don’t like the auto-hide feature and I only want to activate it when I use veetle. So, instead of:

right click panel > click unlock > click that button > click ‘more settings’ > click auto-hide and then do it again to make it visible after using veetle…

I want to have it done automatically when I fire up my browser to save me 8 clicks.

Maybe you could try to find a way to mess around with the file where the settings for your panel(s) are kept. It’s called “plasma-desktop-appletsrc” and you should find it in “~/.kde4/share/config”.

Try having it open in kwrite while you change the settings for your panel(s). You should get a notification about changes in the file and an option to view the differences.

You’ve helped me sort of solve my problem. I’m now able to hide the panel from a script but I don’t like how it’s done.

kwriteconfig --file plasma-desktoprc --group PlasmaViews --group 2 --key panelVisibility 1
killall plasma-desktop

This works but it restarts everything on the panel, including kwallet, and I have to enter my password everytime. Is there a cleaner solution?