Auto-gpt in linux

Just read an article about installing auto-gpt in a Windows environment. Has anyone here used Auto-gpt? Installed it in Tumbleweed?

I played with OpenAI, Bing, Dall-E, and the chatbot from YOU. The key word is “played.” There were interesting results sometimes. One interesting interaction was with DAN (Do Anything Now) which is ChatGPT with the filters down.

Anyway, want to see if Auto-GPT can create a genealogy for me. It takes a lot of research. So, I want to see how it does.

I’ve always been the early adopter type (which gets me into trouble sometimes) during my 30+ years tenure as a software engineer…

However, and this is personal opinion … the gpt stuff doesn’t interest me at the the moment. I’ve goofed around with the new Bing, and Google sent me an invite to do Beta testing, but I declined.

The big boys are just throwing stuff out there, that’s broken , just to get a hold of the potential market-share. I’ll wait for this stuff to mature.

you may see the term “hallucination” in reference to GPT. Well, I saw it in my attempt to get a genealogy chart. I asked it for a genealogy chart for my mother’s family. In seconds, it gave me 10 generations with mostly unfamiliar first names. Since the family name is common, I tried to narrow it down to one city. The chart came back with the addition of children.

None of it was real. The chatbot had hallucinated my family! I was thinking the Auto-gpt would do recursive checking of the tedious genealogy records and come up with something. But now, I doubt if it will come up with anything useful…or real.

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I suspect even less involved subject matter research results turn out, not as anticipated :+1:

It’s commendable that you’re pursuing family history and wish you the best in achieving the results.

I’ve done this even before the major automation days, so understand the challenges.