authentication required to mount USB drives

Since I installed Leap 42.1, a password is demanded to mount or unmount USB drives. This was not the case in any earlier installation. What is the cure? Thanks, John

I just saw that yesterday.
Just click “Cancel” and you’ll have full access as a normal User.

Seems to be a non-critical bug.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve tried that out (several times)… it doesn’t work for me. John.

There is a problem with polkit 0.113 that causes this also with 13.2. See if you can drop back to previous version 0.112. then lock it to stop upgrade. They have been slow getting a fix.

Thanks for the suggestion. I guess I can get polkit-0.112 from but is there a risk I’ll do more harm than good? By the way I didn’t have this problem under 13.2 (which I had on two machines). John.

You can get it from eg

that’s the 13.2 repo _64

Not sure I would necessarily do that myself

But a question. Are you also seeing the request for password when rebooting? I am in a gnome install

Ignore that rubbish
Just toggle the version tab in Software Manager and roll it back](

Once you roll back you need to lock it so to stop it from updating again