Authentication problem: Login Keyring changed


This is a fresh install of Tumbleweed- XFCE. So far I only tried to install the nextcloud desktop client.

Now, whenever I boot, my machine tries to connect to my nextcloud server. It asks me for my login Keyring, but it also tells me that
“The password you use to log in to your computer no longer mathces that of your login keyring.”

But I never changed my password and I cannot change the password on the Login Keyring.

Can anybody explain, how this can happen?

Also is there any way to reset the entire login keyring?

I don’t know how it happened.

As for resetting the keyring – I think XFCE is using the Gnome Keyring. So:

rm -rf .local/share/keyrings

should clear that out. You will lose any data currently saved in the keyrings, but you should then be able to start over.

Do you use autologin?

Yes. I set the machine initially up with auto-login. Then I got the response to unlock my keychain. So I thought maybe autologin is a problem and I disabled it. I logged back in but the problem was still there.

Thanks for the info. I manged to get it working by simply making a new keyring and setting the new keyring as default.