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Firstly I’d like to complement SuSe 11.3 version. I’ve installed Gnome version on 64-bit machine and it works well and fast, even got my Canon MP240 working in Linux for the first time.

I am new to SuSe and have a couple of questions:

  1. Is there a way to disable the password authentication box when installing new software? I get password authentication quite often when trying to install applications. Can the authentication feature be disabled?

  2. I know there are apt-get, yum, and emerge commands for command-line installations. Is there an equivalent command in SuSe?

Very impressed with SuSe 11.3. Looking forward to using it more extensively.

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victor_sk happy to hear you like you new openSUSE 11.3 installation. The way openSUSE and other Linux distributions are setup, root user access is required to install new software. The way security works in Linux and openSUSE is why there are many fewer virus and other problems using Linux over Windows. So, you get used to it for the benefits that this provides to you as an openSUSE user.

In openSUSE, the primary way software is obtained and installed is through YaST / Software Repositories and Software Management. The following web pages list the repository sites (both standard & Extra for user inclusion) that can be added into YaST:

Once the sites have been added (and we can provide more instruction on how) you run Software Management where you can install or upgrade your software as you wish. Anytime you run YaST to gain access to these functions, you must enter the root user password for your system.

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adding: an apt-kinda lookalike: zypper (inspect via man, info, wiki,
documentation) it is a CLI app using the same libs as the YaST
software management modules

i know of no safe way to get around proving you have root privileges
when you wanna do root things…well, you could load up sudo with
specific programs you want you to use with proving who you are each

finally: don’t go crazy adding unneeded repos…for a while, and
until you have specific needs most the old-timers around here
recommend four repos: oss, non-oss, update and packman…

know you are not a noob, (except to openSUSE) so suggesting:

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Thank you for the comments guys and the links. I’m a big Linux enthusiast and having tried many other distros this particular SuSe version 11.3 works best on my system - 64-bit Dell Vostro 230. Whether it’s a new kernel or some optimization techniques used for this release - everything is working noticeably faster :slight_smile: Very impressed with it. Thank you for making this release.

victor sk wrote:
> Thank you for the comments guys and the links. I’m a big Linux
> enthusiast and having tried many other distros

welcome, enjoy and (as we say) Have a lot of fun.

couple of things might help you root out answers:

our wiki is having some major surgery on its search magic, i find it
most fun to search using google and its site specifier switch…for
example to search the wiki i put this in the search string

however, we are also in the midst of a huge wiki upgrade and some of
the answers you seek might still be back on the old wiki, search there
using this:

and, i use the same ‘trick’ to dig out info in forum posting with this:

it is (to me) especially useful with seeking specific version posts
using (for example) this in a search string:


and, CAREFUL: this is pretty fast moving train…there are answers
that were perfectly good for 11.1 but not 11.2 and REALLY not in 11.3,
so . . .

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