Aurora Engine Gtk 1.4 Problem With Buttons

Hello to all . I’m new on the Forum … and want to say congratulation to all the Staff of OpenSUSE to make this forum for the user. thank’s

well heres is my problem I install Aurora Engine 1.4 for Gtk , first I installed with the classing method ./configure make etc. etc. the installation when fine and then I install the themes tat came whit it. and when I go to appearance to change the theme I click customize and the Engine’s of aurora yes are there, but the problem is that the buttons of the themes don’t have shape are completely square.

here a screenshot

and also I try to install the themes with 1-click-install , and the file installs correctly but the problem persist.

does any one know how to fix this problem??

well thanks for all.


anyone? help please.


I was also dealing with Aurora engine and seems that new version (1.5) installs and runs fine.