August 2017 Screenshots

Release time again… time for some screenshots of some of my systems…

openSUSE Leap 42.2](

openSUSE Leap 42.3](

openSUSE Tumbleweed (20170728)](

A lover of Opensuse, can not keep Gnome softwarerotfl!rotfl!rotfl!

Here are some screenshot’s of Tumbleweed on a RPI using RPi-Monitor via Firefox…

Main screen](

RRd tool graphs](

Shellinabox access](

This system also boots from USB rather than Micro SD card…

Just for a comparison, here is a SLES system;](](](

Need to sort out Leap ones now…

And here is the Leap version…](](](

Leap has a few more working features, wifi, bluetooth and cpupower info etc…

Nice work in all of yours, but particularly, what is the app in the bottom of this screenshot?

It’s my 2nd day running openSUSE Leap 42.3.

That’s conky, a system monitor. There are many configs on the net…

In the past I have used GKrellM, but never was patient enough to configure Conky.
Your Conky with transparency is the first Conky I’ve seen that I like…it’s awesome!

Would you mind sharing your Conky config file? (You can PM mingdao on FreeNode if you wish)

The Conky is really nice.
I never loved to have one, but if it was … I would like it so

Some nice pics Malcolmlewis. I also really like your 42.2 pic. Could you share the wallpaper on that one please? I’ve gotten board of my clean wallpapers and have been using a pretty busy one lately but i usually prefer much calmer themes. Here’s my system.](](

How come my new lines (when i press enter) don’t show up on the published post but they do for other people’s posts?

I’m guessing no URL wrapper…? Let me see if can edit…

The wallpapers are from vladstudio There are even some cool chameleon ones… :wink:](](](

No fancy, except adwaita default with arc icon. Dash to Dock extension.](