Audokonverter in 11.1

I am trying to install audokonverter from the packman website. But uast comes up with the error:-

nothing provides kde3-flv needed etc

If I run a flv file (say something downloaded from youtube) it plays automatically with vlc. And vlc is shown as the mimetype for flv files in file types Control Centre.

Using 11.1 kde 3.5 64 bit. Any ideas what is wrong or needed.


I tried installing audiokonverter on OS 11.1 x86-64 and got a similar error. Got the same error in both KDE 3 & 4. This was on 12-20-2008, but haven’t tried since then.

I could also use an answer for this one. :slight_smile:

Tried the version for 11.0 and it works fine with 11.1

Thanks, dth2. I’ll give that a try.

Played with it a bit more and not so good. It will convert wav to mp3 but no joy in extracting the audio from a flv file!. Back to the drawingboard.

as a work round you can use mplayer to do the same thing:-

open a c/l

cd to the directory with the flv file

mplayer -dumpaudio filename.flv -dumpaudio songname.mp3

Not necessarily. :slight_smile:

I had some problems with Audiokonverter in 10.3 and they turned out to be due to a couple of missing codecs on my system. I can’t remember whether Audiokonverter is an actual program or a script, but my problems went away once the right codecs were installed. I couldn’t get the mp4 –> mp3 rip to work, and there were no error messages, either. It just didn’t work. I’m going to have a look at that, now that I think of it. Fixing the codecs took care of some other issues I had at the time.

Thanks for the tip on Mplayer: that one may come in handy, although I don’t usually need to rip soundtracks from flv’s. I believe you can do something similar with the VLC player if you have that installed. What one won’t do, the other sometimes will.

Just noticed that there is an error in the script to rip the audio from a flv file. It should be:-

mplayer -dumpaudio filename.flv -dumpfile songname.mp3

The latest version of Audiokonverter (available from Packman) now fully works.

Tried installing Audiokonverter from Packman, and got an error from Yast: nothing provides “mppdec” or something similar.

Everything else works, so I’m going to wait a bit.

LOL after reading this thread i tried to install it again also and got the same error :shame:

have a look here:-

none of them work
installed the 1st and the 3rd one
still no go

might be worth trying the packman one-click install option

there is not a rpm for mppdec (yet on packman) but if install the version (from packman) for 11.0 it works fine with 11.1 and will let you install the updated version of audokonverter

Is also not working for me OS 11.1 64bit ->

! nothing provides mppdec needed by

Conflict Resolution:

dot not install

:frowning: plaese help

You need to install mppdec from here first:-

PackMan :: Package details for mppdec

the version for 11.0 works fine with 11.1