audiocd: configure this kioslave

Leap 42.1, KDE, Dolphin
Insert an audio compact disc into the optical disc drive.
Audio CD is displayed in the Devices panel of Dolphin.
Click that Audio CD icon.
Nothing happens.

In the path segment of Dolphin, enter this string:


audiocd: Invalid Protocol

Note that the quoted syntax worked for me when I used Kubuntu 14.04 (just yesterday, in fact), which uses KDE 4.4 and Dolphin supports the audiocd: kioslave.

To verify:
Yast2-> Software Manager: that shows kio_audiocd has a checkmark, thus is installed.

Question: how do I convince Dolphin to use the installed audiocd: kioslave as a protocol?

There is no kio_audiocd for KDE Frameworks5 yet, this will only be released in December (with KDE Applications 15.12).

The package kio_audiocd is the KDE4 version, and is only used by KDE4 applications like Konqueror and dolphin4.

December? Ouch.

As long as audiocd doesn’t regress I can hold on, because it is such a quality tool.

In the mean time I can boot Kubuntu 14.04 from a flash drive and use that distro for ripping my Audio CDs.

Thanks for letting me know!

As I wrote, you can also use Konqueror or dolphin4 meanwhile, both are still KDE4 based (till December, when Konqueror’s KF5 port is going to be released too) and will be able to use the KDE4 kio_audiocd.
They should even be installed by default.