Audio Volume Step remains fixed at odd value

I’m using KDE and I have the maximum volume set to 100%.

I would then expect the following:

  • if volume step = 10% then steps will be “10”
  • if volume step = 5% then steps will be “5”

but it doesn’t matter what I choose because the volume step is “7”. And I have no idea where that comes from. And before you ask whether it comes from a previous install? I had openSUSE 42.3 installed before (with a clean profile) and the volume step was then fixed to “6” regardless of what I did. I could live with “6” but “7” is annoying.

Another thread mentioned the possibility of a round-off error—which I could accept with the “6” scenario but not with the current “7”.


You have not indicated where you are seeing this.

If I hover my mouse of the speaker in the tray, then use the mouse wheel, I see 5% steps.
If I hover over the Amarok tray icon, I see 4% steps.
If I open an Amarok window, I see 3% steps.
And then there’s PAVU control, which I didn’t experiment with.

In any case, I can right-click on the speaker in the tray, and then click on “Audio Volume Settings”. That opens a window, and there is a setting there for the step. I changed it 10% just test, and that seems to work at least with using that tray speaker icon. It probably doesn’t affect what I do with the Amarok icon, but I did not test that.

Sorry. :shame:

I got used to (1) left-clicking the speaker in the system tray; (2) hovering the mouse over the slider you see in the device tab; and (3) then use the mouse wheel to change the volume. This consistently gives me incremental changes of 7.

But if I do as you say — hover of the speaker icon in the system tray and use the mouse wheel — it does work as expected! It’s weird that my method yields a different result.

So…I now have a faster and correctly working method to changing the volume. Therefore it’s solved?

If you like the way that it works, I’ll count that as solved.

Should I file a bug report about this difference?

I don’t see much point in that.

The step size, as you had been using it, possibly depends in part on the desktop theme.