Audio troubleshooting

I installed suse11 yesterday.i am new to suse.when i finished installing i did’t hear any sound from my laptop speaker.on startup 'the audio playback device hda-intel(sda analog 92**) is not working falling back to default’is appearing on the screen.please help me.i can’t hear any sound.

Hello, First of all I want to see your repositories.
So open your terminal and write that

# zypper lr -d

Post the output here.

please help me.i am using sled 11 for 3 days without sound please help me.

We can not help you. I doubt if something similar as the Multimedia solution for openSUSE is available for SLED.

Why are you using SLED and not openSUSE? One uses SLED when one is in bussiness and then one knows where one wants to use it for and why one made the choice. Then one has abudgetto pay for it andit’s support.

When you are just a home user, you should not use SLED, particularly not when you do not know very much about Unix/Linux systems. The average home user uses openSUSE.

Henk is right about that. It would better to use openSUSE. So download openSUSE 11.4 and install it.