audio trouble in suse 10.2

hi ,

     i am riash. i installed opensuse10.2 on my lenovo machine.

it is intel core2duo processor,hitachi hard disk ,1 GB ram , 1.80 GHz. in which i unable to hear audio . default audio driver installed on my machine is 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller and Driver snd-hda-intel . ply help how to hear audio on my machine

I do not think it is possible unless you are an ADVANCED Linux user, who can custom compile a new kernel and custom compile alsa driver. Expecting to do this as a new Linux user is not realistic. It will also take a Massive amount of time, and hence it will be slow. Very slow.

Also note that openSUSE-10.2 is no longer supported and hence you will NOT find rpms for this.

I believe it will be a LOT quicker if you download, burn and install openSUSE-11.2.

What model Lenovo do you have? If it has 855GM graphics, then you will be better off with openSUSE-11.1.