Audio Recorder

I am migrating over from Linux Mint to Opensuse. I have used Audio Recorder for years without a hitch. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get this program to work correctly. Usually when recording an internet stream, individual files are generated. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get this to work in Opensuse. I get one individual file audio only. After spending days on Google looking for an answer, i have given up.

Anyone have any knowledge of this program on Opensuse? I checked my setting in Mint but they don’t work here. Thank you.

Anybody have an idea? :wink:

I’ve used audio-recorder in the past, I was under the impression that this could be achieved under the timer controls? I also normally save the audio as mp3, so files don’t get to big to worry about splitting.

Yes, that is correct. Unfortunately the separate mp3 files are not being produced, just one file. I’m not sure why. Amarok can do this much less effectively. I truly dislike using that music player. No matter what I do, I can’t get Audio Recorder to produce separate mp3 files.