audio problime

I have a intel on board sound card . When I play any song with bass there no bass for the sub . How can I fixed it

There may be some limitations of your sound device. But it’s hard to tell from your limited description.
I suspect we might be somewhat challenged by a language barrier.

Please explain what version of openUSE you use and which dktop (KDE, Gnome, other)… So that people at least have an idea aout the eironmen you use.

Also a more extensive problem description might help us helping you.

I running opensuse 13.1 64bit kde . It is installed in a dell inlet 3.5g quad core 8g of ram . The speakers are 2.1 . The sound card is one channel output . Dose that help

When you play test sounds within kde system settings > multimedia > audio/vid settings > audio hardware setup

Do left and right speakers play correctly?

I just did a test yes it dose

So I’m not sure how things should be different as I expect you are wanting more from the soundcard than it can provide.

Can you confirm a different behaviour on the same machine with say Windows if you have it installed?