Audio problems for a dummie

Okay, first , I’m sorry to create a new topic about audio problems in SUSE forums, but I’m new to linux and google did not help .

When I ran the SUSE installer to perform the OS installation everything was normal, but last week I had to move my computer elsewhere in the house (it’s a desktop by the way), so I disconnected the audio cable (speakers ) , when I brought the computer to the room again, the system was muted.

The system mess up the sound card , I used YAST > audio and restarted the service, worked until yesterday, when I changed my computer again and lost the audio again, but this time restart the audio system did not solve the problem.

If I use the rear output audio I get no sound ( but when I test the sound audio manager I hear it) , in front output everything works normally.

Motherboard: 880GMA-E35, Realtek ALC887 sound card, SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA) driver snd-hda-intel, configured like primary sound card, i also have a HDMI output NVIDIA gt 740) GX107 HDMI Audio Controller.

Any help that’s help me to understand the problem and fix it will be wonderful.

Thanks DC.

It is always wise to tell your potential helpers what software you are using. To begin with te version of openSUSE. Which desktop you use may also help to understand what environment you are working in.

BTW these are the openSUSE forums, not the SUSE forums. I hope this is just a typo of your’s, but else you are in the wrong place.

it may be advisable if running 13.2 to add pavulcontrol. This gives you finer control of what is connected to what and what is active etc.

He means “pavucontrol”.