audio playback problem

Hi all.

I am a newbee and I have just installed version 11.2, and I have the following “problem” (quoted it because is not critical, just anoying). When I boot the PC into my KDE sesion the following message appears:

Notification from Phonon: KDE’s Multimedia library
The audio playback device HDA NVidia (ALC1200 Analog)
does not work.
Falling back to HDA NVidia (ALC1200 Digital).

And the wellcome and goodbye session souds do not play.

If I logout and login aggain, then the message does not appear and I hear the wellcome and goodbye session sounds.

How can I fix this?

In the system settings > multimedia
Audio section

see if you can see : HDA NVidia (ALC1200 Digital).
to default
you may be able to remove the other

Well, I did not found System settings, In the main menu I went to applications->Multimedia, and theres only audio players there. Could not found it either in Yast. Sorry for the stupid question but where are they?

Open a terminal and type:


hit enter

I changed the default to digital. Now the music at the start and end of the session does not play at all, but at least the anoying message is gone, thank you.

But have you audio working otherwise?

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