Audio playback: Extend stereo sound to 5.1


I was wondering whether it is possible to use e.g. Amarok or VLC to play for example my stereo MP3s and on the fly extent it to 5.1 sound. This question mainly ‘inspired’ by the capabilities of AC3filter under windows, which offers this and various other nice features. For the playback it self, I am connecting my PC via Displayport / HDMI to an receiver.

Thanks for your help!

Unless I am mistaken, pulseaudio by default upmixes stereo sources to 5.1 output if you have the output configured correctly. LFE mixing is disabled by default but can be enabled by editing the relevant line in “/etc/pulse/”.

If you don’t use pulseaudio, upmixing is still possible but it requires the use of the “.asoundrc” alsa configuration file, placed into your home directory. If you google “alsa upmix” you can find guides on how to do this.