Audio Permissions

I have a couple applications that are not able to access sound from time to time. Is there a permissions issue or how do some apps seem to get exclusive access to sound devices and others don’t share?

I just had my sagetv client working (finally!) and updated Virtualbox to 2.2. Vbox didn’t access the sound device anymore. I ended up rebooting and Vbox works and sagetv doesn’t. Also, xvidcap doesn’t record sound from dsp nor dsp1.

Before rebooting I updated alsa drivers and I do get sound on many or most applications but others seem not to be able to coexist. Anyone have clues to how to get apps to share nicely?


Sometimes, when there is a real permissions problem (ie it works for user root, but not for a regular user) then this will work.
SDB:AudioTroubleshooting - openSUSE - How to fix a permissions problem

Note one must completely log out of Linux (not just the desktop) and then log back in for the new permissions to be applied.

Note that sometimes one can have an errant application, that does not let go of the sound device. Pulse audio was supposed to make it easier for apps to share sound, but unfortunately pulse is yet to live up to its expectations.

I typically chose the alsa api on my apps, to allow them to share audio better.

I got the same problem, and I change the user group so the audio group is enabled, but I have the same problem, the test audio only works with sudo and not with my user, any suggestions?:\

If audio only works when you have root permissions, then try changing the permissions of your user to work with audio. You can try that by following the advice here in step-6: SDB:AudioTroubleshooting - openSUSE - Step-6 How to fix a permissions problem

Note you need to logout of Linux and log back in for it to be applied (easiest way may be to reboot).

If you look at the 13-Apr-2009 18:29 post of mine, you will see I referenced that link and suggested the user who initially started the thread with problems try the advice within. How much of the troubleshooting guide did you try?