Audio not working.

My audio don’t work, when i do the test thing it does, please help me i can’t write a story because my pc keeps freezing when i’m on this site, froze already 2 times

I recommend you fix your freezing problem BEFORE you try and fix your audio.

This site works fine.

wrt your audio, more information is required. Things like openSUSE version ? desktop version ? application where audio does not work ? Speakers are USB ? Headphones work ?

Often it easiest, with PC connected to the Internet, to run a diagnostic script by sending in a konsole/terminal the command:


and select the UPLOAD/SHARE option and then let the script complete to the end, and then post here the web-address/URL it provides where the audio configuration of your PC has been uploaded to.

Also note this blog wrt using pavucontrol to configure your audio: