Audio / Noise when moving the cursor

When I move the cursor , I can hear corresponding noise in the audio system !!!

I switch from wireless to cable same issue .

Why is that so ?

It is annoying !

any ideas ?


Is this just from one moment to the other? Or after you changed something (update/changing hardware)? Or direct after your first installation of openSUSE? Always, logged in or not? And when only on logged in user, then which desktop? Running a sound application at that moment or not? Any other information you hide from us and we can not know because we can not look/listen over your shoulder?

Is this just from one moment to the other?

No. There was always a noise which I could not pinpoint

Or after you changed  something (update/changing hardware)?


Or direct after your first  installation of openSUSE?


Always, logged in or not?

Not always logged in

And when only on logged in user, then which desktop?


Running a sound application at that moment or not?

just tested …

Yes , when I click on Volume control it the noise is there and when starting Qjackctl and any other applications where sound is involved

Do you have another computer, if you connect the mouse to that other computer, do you get the same kind of noise?

Can you run Audacity and just press record, move the mouse and see if the recorded data shows any signal?

If it is a flat line it is likely interference somewhere in your system, search for “computer speaker interference mouse” and you will see are not the only problem with this problem, problems can be often prevented using good cabling.

I remember experiencing something like this in previous versions (note in 15.4). I wonder if your audio settings have a channel set (unnecessarily) at its maximum.
In the past I used Yast configuration (Sound) and checked the Volume… option. Try muting some of the channels that show up (if any) and see if the noise disappears.

… yes !!! when amplifying/normalize the recording

No, the noise on the volume setting. If the sound is loud the noise is covered.

as far as cabling is concerned, yes there are lots of cables. It is a recording studio environment.

The noise appears if I have the mouse connected via cable or wireless.

Have you tried to see if same issue occurs with a different mouse?

Have you tried to see if same issue occurs with a different mouse?

… yes wireless and cable …

It is bizzare (!) … for a start there is a background noise, then when moving the cursor over icons , the highlight of the icon comes with a noise change … sort-off an acoustic feedback of icon-highlight.

Something strange is happening with alsamixer (commend prompt) PCM, front, surround, centre , lfe way in the red. Changed to 50 % . the moment I change the output volume in volume control , all the items changed in alsamixer are back in the red !!!

As with your other thread, please supply the information requested here…

ok - my guess is this is a hardware issue. I have read various things can cause this.

A noisy KVM switch can cause such (but a KVM is not likely in your case as you state you see this with Bluetooth).

I read a case where one user, with this issue, had a cable that powers the CPU, touching the graphic card, and that inexplicably caused noise when the mouse moved.

I read one user had this issue (with a USB mouse) and their solution was to unplug all USB devices, … then plug them back in, and issue solved (until next power-on).

The issue is IMHO an EMI (electro-magnetic-interference) issue - quite possibly related to issues with the graphic card or internal cabling, … and to find a way to remove such may be a trial and effort (again - in my opinion).

I agree, it does read very much like that.

Sorry if my suggestion was confusing, but that is not what I meant. The similar issue I had was an additional input channel (let’s say Mic2 or line2 or something like that, can’t remember now but it was an unused input) which set at its maximum.
I could not see that input from the Audio Volume applet but by going to the sound configuration in Yast.

If you can record the “noise” using Audacity, I suggest to find out with audio source is responsible but enabling disabling sources one-by-one.

**Found the problem !!!

A few months ago I bought studio monitors " KRK Classic 5 " ! You would not think that these rather good quality speakers would pickup the described noise.

But they do !!! So, I have to think about shielding or try to use XLR (adapter mini TSR to XLR).

From a technical point of view, I am puzzled . How can a visual change result into noise ? … totally different circuits / frequency ranges ???

Mind you, I do run 2 TV screens as displays in my studio environment and the KRK are relative close to the screens approx half a meter.

Thank you all for your help !

Cheers from Down Under

Good you found the problem!

The speakers are also not picking up the noise likely but the cabling.

Try to use filters for EMI - ferrite barrels attached at the ends of an USB cable, for mouse, HDMI and other things. They are rather cheap. You can attach them to your cables or buy cables with them.
Use balanced connections.
Change mouse.
USB optical isolator: