audio messed up for one account, but not others


I’m having a weird situation I have no idea how to solve.

Using my main account, the audio looks completely messed up: kmix shows an empty window, the corresponding icon in the tray is a question mark and the “popup” says “Mixer cannot be found”.

But, if I just log to another account kmix is there, the and player is able to play music.

Is there anything I can do to re-gain sounds on my main account (apart from delete the account and restart it)?
Is there any other information I can give you to help me find a solution?

Ok KDE right? Always good to check.

You don’t have to change accounts it is probably the KDE config stuff that is messed. In the second account become root and rename the .kde4 directory in your original home to .kde4.back

Note the periods in front of the file name these are hidden directories.

log back on as the original and the default KDE desktop will be there. You will have to redo any custom things you did to the desktop but the volume control should be back

If things work ok you can delete ~/.kde4.back

Not being able to edit my previous message I guess I have to post a new one. :slight_smile:

Noticing this other topic, I tried to “update unconditionally” a bunch of packages related to pulseaudio and esound.
Now the problems is slightly different: if I single-click the kmix tray icon, as long as I have audacious open, it shows a control related to audacious, if I close the software the volume bar disappears.
And, even though there is this volume bar, it is stuck at 0%, any time I try to raise the volume it goes back to 0.

Any hint is really appreciated!

And forcing thing did not work for the other guy either. Try my suggestion.

Sorry gogalthorp I didn’t see your message when I answered…:shame:

<del>I’ll try it for sure, thanks!</del>

Okay, I read the answer and… well, it kind of falls into the category “delete the account and restart it”, it’s not very attractive TBH.
I just lost quite a bit of stuff due to a mess with the browser sessions and now re-customize the entire desktop would mean waste an amount of time I don’t have.

Any way to pinpoint a sub-bunch of files that may be the issue?
Well, worst case I’ll move the broken directory to a new account until I find something that breaks the audio…

No not the account just the KDE settings. Your account is not KDE it is simply a users account KDE is a GUI that runs on top of the Linux system. KDE settings can get messed up you can go in and fix things in more detail if you understand what you do. But for most it is best to reset the desktop but keep the account. Up to you though maybe you don’t have anything stored in your account so it would not matter.

If it works for one user and not another the problems are in the config files of that user

Note one can just rename .kde (say to .kde-old) restart and test. A new .kde will automatically be created. If audio still does not work, the new .kde deleted and the old changed from .kde-old back to .kde.

In addition to .kde, another hidden directory where there could be problems affecting an individual’s audio is .pulse. One could try renaming .pulse, restarting and testing.

Also, one can install pavucontrol and then launch it and see if one can tune one’s audio with it. I believe it will allow audio tuning on an individual user basis.

This is ~/.config/pulse/ nowadays.