Audio in DVD menus

I’m just so proud of myself! And, even more so, of the many people who created the software I used!

I managed to take some .avi files and convert them to the various files needed for viewing on my DVD home player. I used DeVeDe for the conversion and, of course, k3b to write the files to disk.

One thing I wanted to do though, is to have an audio file play while the menu is being displayed like many of the commercial disks. I can’t seem to find a way to accomplish this. DeVeDe has many options to control the appearance of the menu but I don’t see anything about sound.

I’m in the US if that makes a difference. I found it does for the video format.

Some time back I compiled a page on DVD authoring tools for openSUSE Linux:
Applications - DVD Authoring Tools - openSUSE Forums
… I have not looked at that page for a long time, and I probably should update it.

The application I used to use to provide audio in the menu (and for creation of the DVD) was KDE DVDAuthor Wizard. KDE DVDAuthor Wizard

However to the best of my knowledge the support for that application has stopped and it will not run on a recent openSUSE version. Hence you will need to try some of the other apps to see if any do what you wish to do.

I’ve used DeVeDe & while I don’t use this facet personally here is screenshot.](

You see that circled item? If it works the same way as the background (which I use all the time). All you would need to do is click that icon that looks like a floppy. It’ll open a box from which you can select the sound you want. It may go something like this:
Let’s say you want to put the “Jaws” theme in & we’ll say you have it in your Music folder OK?
1.Click that floppy icon
2.A Box will show up with some options in the DeVeDe defaults
3.In the left pane select your home folder
4.Select Music
5.Find then Select “Jaws”
6.Click Preview menu see if it took

Now as I said I don’t use the Menu music facet but the step by step I gave is what you’d use for the Menu background. I have reason to believe it’d work the same way.
Please let us know if it doesn’t work.

One more thing before I close if it gets picky about an extension like .ogg you can use Audacity(it’s in the packman repos,make sure you get their version) to convert it from say a .wav to a .ogg OK?
Remember we’re here to help.

You sir, should be presented with an award for politeness! That little selection box is just SO obvious! At least when it’s pointed out. Honestly, I looked and looked and didn’t see it! My face is bright red!

I haven’t yet tried it but I agree that it seems to be exactly what I’m looking for. I’ll try it tonight and post my findings here.

Hooray! DeVeDe has just what I wanted. All I needed was to be pointed in the right direction.

I re-wrote the DVD, adding an .ogg file to the place you pointed out and it works! The sound even repeats if you leave the menu showing. I didn’t try adding an audio file of another type, I’ll do that next time.

Thanks again!!! I’m a happy camper!